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Smoked Fish                                               Stan Breiwick Sr.

Brine for fish ‑ makes four gallons

5 cups of canning salt                              1 cup brown sugar

1 cup lemon juice                                       4 garlic cloves (crushed)

4 gallons tepid water                                 4 Medium Onions chopped


Mix and add fish or meat.

Very Important ‑ Use only stone crock, glass or enamel container. 

Allow fish to stand overnight in brine.  Remove and towel dry.  Let  stand in warm room or sun 1 hour.


On Weber Grill:


Have coals white, place wet hickory or apple wood chips on top.  Put fish on ‑ open the vents ‑ let smoke 30 minutes on one side.  Turn grill off and turn fish over.  Let stand another 30 minutes.  Add more chips if necessary.