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Sticky Sweet Ribs                                                     Becky Grasso

2 Racks  pork back ribs – about 4 lbs.

1 ½ cups barbeque sauce, plain

¼ cup pancake syrup

¼ cup brown sugar

4 Tbsp. White vinegar

Mix sauce, syrup and brown sugar, set aside

Preheat over to 400°, 

Place ribs in their racks in a large baking /casserole dish.  Pour vinegar into dish with ribs and cover tightly with aluminum foil. – watch out for the steam.  The ribs are now fully cooked and just need to be sauced and finished.

Heat bbq to medium and place ribs meat side down without sauce, but you can baste the back with the sauce.  Cook until they start to develop grill marks and turn over – now baste the top.  You could stop here after they grill a bit on this side or you could baste them a bit more and then give them a couple more minutes meat side down.  That’s what I do.  Give them one extra baste after they have been removed, but just before you serve them.