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Broccoli Cassero= le  &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;   Mary Isaacson


1 large head of bro= ccoli stems removed -5

10 ½ can of = mushroom soup

1 cup mayonnaise

12/ cup butter soft= ened

2 large eggs beaten=

1 small onion chopp= ed

1 tsp. salt

Pepper to taste

1 ½ cups shr= edded sharp cheddar cheese

2 cups finely crush= ed ritz crackers

Place broccoli in l= arge saucepan with 1 inch of water.  Bring to boil, cover and steam for 5 minutes.  Drain and chop coarsely.  Turn oven to350°.  Butter 2 qt. casserole set aside.<= o:p>


In a mixing bowl  combine broccoli, soup, mayonnaise, butter, eggs, onion and salt. Season with pepper and mix until well blended.  Add a cup of cheese = and mix well.   Scape mixture= into casserole.  In a medium mixing= bowl combine and  mix remaining che= ese and crackers and sprinkle evenly over the top over the casserole and bake u= ntil a straw inserted into the middle comes out clean.  Bake 30 to 40 minutes.  Let stand about 20 minutes before serving.


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