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Pumpkin Squares                        Jan Peterson


1 cup vegetable oil or 1 cup melted butter                        2 cups sugar

4 eggs                        2 cups pumpkin

2 cups flour                        1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder                        1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon salt                        1 teaspoon vanilla


Stir sugar into melted butter or oil; add the eggs and pumpkin.  Beat together on medium speed.  Sift all dry ingredients together and add gradually.  Add the vanilla and a cup chopped nuts, if desired.  Pour into greased and floured 13 x 15 jelly roll pan.  Bake at 350 degree for approximately 20 minutes.  Cool ‑


3 ounces cream cheese                        1 teaspoon vanilla

3 cups powdered sugar                        Few drops of milk

4 Tbsp. Butter

Stir until smooth and frost cooled bars.